Shoulder Triathlon

The day after 10 beers, a few glasses of wine, 5 _full_ meals, 2 bags of potatoe chips and nuts. OMG All-inclusive will kill me.

Pretty ok gym though, the bars was of courss without ball bearings but at least 28mm steel.

A few Norweigan guys deadlifted with very poor and weak form in the Squat rack.

A: A little circuit

5 x
0,3,6… Hbbs 100kg x 5
1, 4, 7… Strict Ring To Chest PU
2, 5, 8… Power Clean + PP 85kg x 3 reps

B: Lactate threshold work (aim for 18-20 rpm)

Without putting barbell or db down. Alternate arms when suitable.

5min Walking Lunges 20kg 100 reps
1min rest
5min DB PJ 16kg 90 reps (5-8 reps per arm)
1min rest
5min DB Hang Snatch 16kg 98 reps (5-10 reps per arm)
1min rest
5min DB PP 16kg 98 reps (3-4 reps per arm)

This kind of stuff is brilliant and feels very CrossFit.



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