Shoulder madness

Status: good!

At Solid in Sthlm

A: Snatch 3x70kg too much mongo today

B: Front Squat 5-5-7 x 105kg

C: Weighted supinated Pull-up 6×32-37kg PR

D: EROM strict HSPU 6 x 10cm, 13cm

E: 12min
3cm EROM hspu 6 reps
Wpu sup 18,5kg x 6 reps
8 strict v-ups

~7 rounds

F: 12min
6 DB Press neutral grip 17,5kg
KB row 32kg x 8 reps
Walking BB lunge rotations 30kg 10 steps

7 rounds

G: L-sit on parallettes 21s, 13s

Session 2

Row 7 rounds
30s hard
30s slow

Avg: 1:36,7 approx 156m each

Rest 3 min repeat

Avg 1:33,8 approx 158m each

I was not that taxed of this. I think my cardio is improving?

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