Short & intense

Status: guess what happens when you do lactic late in the evening. Thats right it took 22 reps of my “fall asleep song”. Was trying to think about the second pull in the Snatch like counting sheep. It didnt work, I just got more adrenaline flowing.

A: In 10min Front Squat HS
10×20,10×40, 8×60, 6×80, 3×100, 2×110, 1×120, 130, 140, 2×120, 2×120

B: “SM 2010 Event 3″

3 rft
14 CTB
7 PS 50kg
35 DU


5:32 at comp but hey that was 3 years ago. Pretty lactic mostly forearms. Limiter was the ctb I still apparently lack some skill to string them together when fatigued. I should probably fall back to my supinated grip fast in competition since I am pretty good at them.

10min bicycle

Done, food, Regional plans

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