Saturdays are hectic but fun

Normally pretty fast sessions on Saturdays due to life.

A: 10 x 2m unbroken hswalk, 2 fails ~ 2:30

B: 2 Clean + 1 Jerk x 6 sets @ 100kg

Mostly instruction for the team so I did not focus so much on myself

C: Press 10 x 65kg, 10x55kg, 10x50kg

My triceps really died here

D: 1 CTB then the hand tore up again. I stopped there so I don’t fuck up 8 days of training.

E: Team wod

10 x 20m Shuttle Run (200m) alternate

100 KBS 32kg

100 Burpees

11:05 I think

Very very good v02max workout

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