Running? For fucks sake give me a barbell

Status: All time low. Never been in a worse mood than today I think. If someone asked me how I felt I would either have cried or headbutted the person. Happy noone dared to ask.

A: Snatch + OHS – Facepalm. Missed 105 twice. Moved on. Was in no mood for re-ramping today.


B: OHS Re-ramped from 60kg, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110FAIL, added to 115 anyway, 120, 125 fail, added to 130kg Boom PR.



5 rounds

  • 3min running
  • 3min rest

Managed 800m the first attempt. Started to get back cramp at about 500m in the second run got 750m there. Jogged the 3rd at ~700m. Then DNF. Erectors stiff like forks. Tittonen gave me a decent back relief routine. Think it worked. Felt better within 15mins which is some kind of record.

The back was one thing but I would NOT have managed to get 800m on all intervals perhaps 750-770.

D: Regionals 2013 Team Event 6 with Angelica

Regionals 2013 Event 6
For time:
50 Double-unders each
50 Handstand push-ups while partner in handstand
40 Toes-to-bar while partner hangs
30 Shoulder to overhead (72.5kg / 45kg) while partner in front rack
30m Walking lunge with bar in front rack (72.5kg / 45kg)

We finished this one in about 8:55-8:57 (had to run to see the watch), a PR with over 4mins. Numi and Jenny had 8:56 at last years Regionals. We are doing something right.

Knee is totally fucked up. Hopefully some NSAIDs can “cool” it down.


 Notice the size of the right knee 


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