Quick n Dirty

Morning session, Mora Träsk up next.

Testing out the new Dcore compression gear, it feels great!

A: Pause FS + Pause BS Complex

Timecapped to 15mins


148 felt pretty OK but no fails allowed today so stopped there.

B: Deadlift, worked very fast up to 12x165kg

Easy, stopping two reps before it starts to look bad.

C: Seated Press BN 54kg x 5 x 5

Hard as always, I hate press BN = I must do it even more.

D: 10min “Chelsea”

This was very light and all rounds done in 31-33s

Then my loved one called that I had max 5mins left so I added 5 rounds of Cindy in 3:50 instead of 5 more Chelsea rounds.

Hard to kip pull-ups in the basement :)


Conclusion: You can get a good dose of everything in one hour if you really push yourself.


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