Put your trust in Arja Sainonmaa

Still hungover since Saturday

Full gym, good mood, Arja Saionmaa on the stereo

A: Back Squat 5×40-60-80-100-120-140-12x160kg Rep-PR

Why did I not go for 15 reps ? The last rep was only heavy due to that it was the last rep. You always have to make the last rep look heavy and grunt.



B: Hang Clean + FS + Jerk

It was heavy until 120kg and Arja claimed the stereo. I am _very_ happy with this result after such a squatting session.

C1: Push Press 3×70-90-100-110-1×115-3+1F x 120kg PR



Then a few sets at 3x70kg.

C2: Weighed CTB 3×10-20-30-30-25-25

No more time. Perhaps some conditioning later.

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