Pretty light day

Status: Recovered

Team wod with Malin.

A: EMOM OHS ladder from ground. Starting at 70kg adding 5kg EMOM

Did up to 110kg. This was not max but it was so much logistics to fetch weights, I was 10seconds late for the 100kg lift and 20s late for the 105kg weight and made the 110kg with 2 seconds left on the timer :)

B: 30 Burpee MU for time.

My triceps got fried like always. Did not feel fresh here. Made it in 6:47 which is a very bad time but hey 30 MUs are always good training.

C: 4 Rounds, alternate rounds for time of:

Man: 3 Rope Climb 4m + 50m run + 4 Squat Clean 100kg + 50m run

Woman: 3 Rope Climb 4m + 50m run + 4 Squat Clean 60kg + 50m run

Bot me and Malin kept a good pace but it is very hard to run in my OL-shoes :)

Proud of her rope climbing. I guess her pulling strength is improving a bit.



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