Press/pull is active rest

Empty. Holiday slackers. Say. No. More.


A: Push Jerk 4×40,50,60,70,80,90,100,95,90

Feeling better and better.

B: 1 1/4 pretty narrow OHS x 2 + 4 Snatch PP for mobility

C1: Press 3×40,50,60,3x65kgx8set!
C2: WCTB sup grip 14kg x 3 x 5set

Really working the press now. Felt solid today. Could maintain form all the way.

D: MU transition x 3 x 3set, last set 9 strict ring dips

E: Jerk support 3s 80kgx5x3set
Very good exercise! Entire midline got worked.

F: split jerk 60kg x 3 x3set
The bar was racked… Had to jerk it.

G: 10min jog… Wanted to go home. Instead 8 x 30/30 about 130/70m per min

Cooldown 10min

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