PR and the grumpiest man on the planet

Woke up to a black house where nothing worked. Took 2-3 hours to fix it. Stress.

A: Back Jerk up to 140kg

B: Back Jerk with Wider Grip 70kg to 150 PR

C: Push Press 2x123kg PR

D: Hswalk 31m

My brain was lost in space here.

E: 12min
20 FS 75kg
7 MU
16 FS 90kg
7 MU
8 FS 105kg

Times up…

I had no will power left whatsovever to WOD. I even watched the timer count from 11:30 to 12. I sure needed a partner here.

BUT! The muscle ups were easy! Feels like the strength work has paid off.


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