Posteriour chain + Herou = love

Status: Woke up very tired, coughed my lungs out the first 30mins after I got awake. It improved slightly. A bit hornier today and not grumpy at all though!

A: Power Snatch Touch n Go 5 x 40-50-60-70-80

Felt decent. Still not near max but  I am getting there. Give me a week or two of rehab :)

B: Snatch Deadlift 13×123.5kg

The first 8 reps was very light then it started to feel heavy. The last two reps was super heavy but William the young gun pulled 12×122.5kg so I just could NOT bail in my favourite exercise (any pulling from the floor with bad form is my sign).

C: Sled pull forward 10m x 100, 140, 170kg. 170kg required a better pair of shoes. I am really considering spikes to get the most out of the hamstrings.

Went home since the only rower was taken and had to get in line for at least 30mins to get hold of it.

So after ca 45mins

500m wu

6 x 30s hard (ca 1:38), 30s slow (2:00-2:10) => ca 1500m

rest 3min

6 x 30s hard (ca 1:37), 30s slow (2:00-2:10) => ca 1530m

500m cooldown.




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