Posterior overload


Felt I needed a little gymnastics and conditioning this evening. My left hip has been bothering me all day since the first session. Known issue… Front Squats + PChain work => hip pain => back cramp in metcon and guess what happened today. Todays evening session sponsored by the producer of “The Uncoachables”

A: Back and Front lever progressions 3 rounds 5 reps of each with 4-5 seconds pause. Flat tucked + one leg was the best I could do in the front lever. The back lever is even worse ?

B: Handstand practice for 5-10mins out on the lawn. As little leg whip as possible, trying to just shift balance.


5 rounds 3rounds

  • 10 meter Front racked lunges 60kg
  • 20 Sledghammer strikes
  • 10 KB throws anyhow 5meter
  • Bike unknown distance but 4-5 minutes

Approx 30mins. Had to reduce to 3 rounds to severe back cramp while riding the bike in the 3rd round. It turns out that the pchain cant relax while riding a bike.

The KB Throws was hard and took some time since the KB tumbled. The lunges just required a little HTFU.

D: I felt the need to condition the back a little more (really?). 3 sets of back extensions/headstand reverse leg lifts mixed with some abz.




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