Pissed about PEDs

Status: Pissed and _very_ tired

  • About that Lucas Parkers PED thread messed up my sleep so that I am pissed about everything today
  • About that so much focus is who is on the juice and who’s not and not about the actual performances
  • About that mr Parkers statement solidifies my beliefs about the truth about our sport
  • About that we clearly have different viewpoints in Europe compared to USA regarding PEDs. If you do not believe me then just go see the “Bigger faster stronger” documentary below or hell just scroll a little in the comments in Parkers PED thread.
  • About that the physical selection criterias are lowered for men applying for joining the Police Force. 2k in 10 fucking minutes. That is a joke.
  • About that I do care too much about things which affect my status making me think negatively ;)




Viktor and I did a recovery session today.. Push Jerks up to 3x100kg, lot of bridging, narrow grip OHS, a little 20min conditioning, upper body mobility, handstands…. Nothing interesting


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