Perfect MAP

Holiday wod, hungover as hell but got more sleep than usual. Thanks to my super GF.

As you see in the picture I got all I need ;)

A: Bulgarian SS Tempo 30×0 x 10 reps
Unweighted 1/1set
32kg KB opposite hand 2/2set
Boof heavy

B: 3x 10 goblet squat 32kg 20×0, rest 30s
Too easy but hey it felt good

C: KB pp one arm 32kg 5/5 x 3set
Apparently a good exercise for me. I need to focus on pushing the KB in the right track. Very good shoulder stabilizer.

D: A little gymnastic treatment

3sets of:
5 narrow super strict hspu
5 super strict ring pu, tempo 1111
5 super strict ttr from semi L-hang
Rest 2min

HSPU was the hardest part but I have started to find fight power in them just like my standing press.

E: MAP 4x3min/2min 80-90% just above lactate threshold
15 du
7 stair runs 7 steps
8 russian kbs 32kg
1 stair up to DU

2 + 5kbs 70-90% of hr-max
3 + 1 stair 80-91%
3 + 10 du 83-92%
3 + 10 DU 85-94% of hr-max

Every round I got down to about 60% of hr-max in the rest but in the later sets it went up more quickly to above 85%. I would say that I was up at 90% in 1 minute.

The biggest problem was to fight of big fucking insects trying to suck the geist out of me. Keep moving was the best trick.


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