Oops where did my power go

Felt alright when I woke up in my own bed finally.

Had very low mood for training since my mind was elsewhere thinking about good stuff.

One cant skip Snatch day though!

A: Snatch ladder 75-95kg E60s 5kg
Failed 100 backwards. Heaviest Snatch in over a month. A little pissed but not so much it could ruin the day.

B: Diane
10 dls + 10 hspu as warmup then GO!

4:06! Hehe this is so bad. I have done so much strict work so I am very slow and deliberate on the pressout, almost strict hspu. My training PR is 2:43 and competition about 3:20 so this is obviously bad.

I got pretty hammered by the dls though, almost had to break the last set.

Breakdown of the wod
15, 9+2+2+2
9, 3+3+3

2nd round of hspus killed me.

Cooldown and a very good stretch of the back, glutes and pecs.

Done for today!

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