One of those days

Felt when I woke up that this was a non PR day. Ah have not eaten beef for two days. Thats why.

With David, Jonas S and Viktor as training buddies today. Very nice.

A: Snatch 2-3×40,50,60,70,80,1×85,90,95,100F,80,87.5,92.5,97.5F

B: Front Squat 2×60,80,100,120,1×130,140,150,140,2×120

Was supposed to do 2×150 and 140 but I had no power at all and fought for my life for 150. This is where I understood why my Snatch sucked. CNS was not firing.

C: Snatch Grip Rack Pull

3rd rep at 210 was heavy so I stopped. Good call, feeling my left hip a little now.

Had to show the juniors what strong Erectors can do.

Yeah, yeah, yeah my back is bent, so what? I still pull more than you

D: 20min
2 rounds of Nate + 400m run

4 + 320m run

Very hard wod for a fat guy, like always KBS and running are the hardest.


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