OL when hungover is a mess

Had too much fun two days in a row, affected training. Whenever I rest I tend to get drunk, good recovery.

A: Hang Snatch 2×40,50,60,70,80F,80F,80,85F,85,90F,90,80

WTF, the lockout was just not there. Glad I continued up to 90 though, was thinking of calling it a day.

B: Shankle Complex 60-80-100-110kg

C: Front Squat 1x120kg, 3x135kg

D: 1 1/4 Front Squat 120kg x 3x2set

E: Deadlift 5×100,130,160,180,195kg
Going to beat that next week.

A little rowing. Have no energy for real conditioning today.

A lie

5min row @ 2:00
15 x 30/30 @ < 1:40
10min row @ 1:55


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