Oh lord

I am off to a wedding this weekend forcing me to rest three full days so I have really done everything in my power to wear down my tissues and nervous system. I will not look at my HRV tomorrow.

Felt really destroyed before the session but was happy. I always get happier when I arrive to our gym the home of Gorillas.

Session one

A: Hang Power Snatch 2 x 40-50-60-70-80-85-90F

Hehe haha, 90 was heavy from the floor. No power at all.

B: 8 x E2M 2 Push Jerk 90kg 5s hold on rep nr 2 + 3 Bridge Ups + 20s pec stretch

Strange combo huh ? Well the bridge up at least went better and better.

My eye lids just went down after this. My CNS and energy was gone.

C: Seated one arm DB Press 3 x 20-25-30kg

Wow 3 reps… my PR is 6 reps at that weight I believe.

D: WPU Supinated 3 x 0kg, 16kg, 24kg, 32kg, 44kg

Very happy with that since I really really thought about leaving at 24kg.

Session two

Not prepped at all but hey it’s three days rest, come on motherfucker work that ass.

A: Planche progression – HAHAHA

B: One arm handstand – HOHOHO

Close grip bench press 10×60-5×80-3×90 just to see if my shoulder like it.

C: 5 rounds of

  • 5 Weighted Ring Dip 20kg
  • 7-8 Horizontal Rowing progression step fucking one
  • 6-8 Ring Rows
  • 400m jog

D: With almost no rest from C

3 rounds of

  • 5 Mature Support
  • 7 Ring Straight Arm Pushout
  • 9 V Outs
  • 8 reps Hand over hand rope climbs
  • 2/2 KB Clean & PP + 5 breaths OH Hold w 32kg KB

This was heavy on the breathing system. I was smoked!

I had issues locking my left arm in the support. Guess what happens in my OHS, Snatch, Jerk etc ? Straight arm gymnastics will fix this goddammit.

E: 4 Tabata rounds of Ring FLR. I barely finished every round.

This was good for ze abz as well!

Now done, kaputt, finished. Bring in the beer!


Got interviewed about what I eat, well…

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