Oh how graceful

A bit hungover I rejected the idea of doing Helen today. Instead I wanted a rematch with Grace. New tactics, nothing fancy just a longer first set and that no 1′s where allowed. I as well wanted to test Push Press instead of Jerk since I got damn taxed the last time.

14-6-3-2-2-3 in 2:01. Second best time and 7 seconds better then last time so I am quite happy.

Next time I will do: 15-7-3-3-2 and the next after that if possible: 16-8-3-3. If I can manage the last one then sub 1:50 is in my grasp.

Finished off with:

For time:

5 tgu 24kg per hand
+ 25 kb 24kg snatches per hand

6:33, sweating

Now to my brother for some more alcohol!


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