Oh Anterior Chain Where Art Thou ?

Continuing my quest towards strong quads so today I decided to skip doing Low Bar Back Squat and instead do High Bar.

Started the workout at 20:30, not my favourite time of day :)

A: WU: 3-4 x 70-80-90-100-110 then 5 x 125 (too heavy) – 5×120 (still heavy) – 5×120 – (Just made it)

Got so pissed with myself that I added 10kg and put the bar down on my back and started doing Low Bar instead. Result: 14 x 130kg! WTF is the problem with me ? Anyway I am lowering to 110kg next week to see if that helps. I have absolutely no power in the sticking point in High Bar, it feels like an all upper back exercise.

And the shitty high bar


Did a few reps strict Benchpress @ 90kg.


The BS totally destroyed me but I tried to do a WOD.

5 RFT:

  • 9 Thrusters 45kg
  • 30m Bear Crawl

7:46 (Thrusters unbroken, lots of looooooong breaks).


The pullup bar started to roll around it’s axle at rep 14… Got pissed and did one more: 15 reps.

E: AMRAP KB Snatch 32kg L/R will not even tell the results…


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