Obviously on Steroids

Picked up a rumour yesterday that to be able to work as hard as I do I have to be on steroids. I LOVE IT! It means I am doing something right if you get the impression that I am juicing. But hey lets look at my strength progression the last two years.

  • Snatch: 103 -> 110kg
  • C&J: 131 -> 136kg
  • Front Squat 155kg -> 162.5kg
  • Deadlift 250kg ->230kg ??

Still impressed?

Todays training

Feeling pretty tired. Sleeping bad due to the heat.

A: Jerk – 1×100-110-120-127.5kg FAIL

B: Push Press 80-90-100-110-117.5-122.5-128Fail

C: Press 3×60-2×70-1×75-80-85-90-93kg Hmm this is the best press in two years.

D: Jerk 2×80-1×90-100-110-120-130-135-140 Fail

HAHA It is all in the head.

E: With Angelica

2 rounds

  • Woman: 10 Axle C&J 51kg
  • Man: 10 Axle C&J 81kg
  • Woman 2 Bar MU, Man 4 Bar MU until 20 is achieved

12min 30secs. We are a good team!

F: A long fucker

Teams of 2 complete
Cash-In: Farmers walk 30m 200kg/120kg, 30m each
5 rounds
200m run together
16 Parallette HSPU 10cm EROM 4 each before switch
4 Legless rope climb 5m/4.2m, alternate each
Cash-Out: Sled drag 100m 65kg/45kg each

28mins 30 secs, pretty heavy stuff. I barely could lift the Farmers handles today. No power! The sled drag was so horrible. Lactic acid all over the place. 100 meters when you are out of juice is a long way to go :)

The rest was a bit easy and  I teased Angelica during the metcon.





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