NS 13.2 with more grip

DOMS in the head and biceps. Apparently 2000 reps of 0,5kg hammercurls gives DOMS in strange places.

Did ns 13.2 again but I found a better pull-up solution. I put a BB in the top pos in the squat rack. With the “pu-bar” at about 175cm

6 x EMOM
4 Strict Pull-up
3 lateral burpees
3 C&J 60kg (2nd & 3rd from hang bl knee)

6 x EMOM
5 Strict Pull-up
3 lateral burpees
2 C&J 75kg (2nd bl knee)

6 x EMOM
6 strict Pull-up
3 lateral burpees
1 C&J 90kg

Amrap 2min C&J 90kg

9 reps. My biceps and grip got smoked by the rotating pull-up bar and the fact that everything around me started to get slippery from all the sweat. No probs in the c&j. Pretty good training to get 90 strict pull-ups in 18 mins.

When I started the amrap I slipped on the floor from all the sweat so I grabbed a towel and wiped the floor. Only did 2 reps the first min but 7 the last min. I really really hate to take down heavy weights with sweaty hands and BIG pulse.

Had to rest 2min then

5min amrap DB Long cycle Clean and Press 18kg
84 reps.

Halfway through I was about to die but then the pain went away and I went into zen-mode.

It was rough today. Training everyday with +10 beers from the day before is really hard.

I have never trained this hard while drinking this hard thats for sure.

No ALKO and no TRAIN tomorrow. NS 13.2 with Eleiko and bumpers on Sunday hopefully with more than 3 hours sleep.

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