NS 13.2 alternation

Day 4 of Beer hypertophy.

Did a variation of NS 13.2 but with Thrusters so I worked the legs some more instead. No access to pull-up bar.

Thrusters from floor

6 x EMOM
3 Ring Pull-up
3 lateral burpees
3 Thruster 60kg

6 x EMOM
4 Ring Pull-up
3 lateral burpees
2 Thruster 75kg

6 x EMOM
5 Ring Pull-up
3 lateral burpees
1 Thruster 90kg

Amrap 2min Clean Thruster 90kg

Only did 8 reps since I was pretty gassed and could not drop the weight. This workout will be fun.

Very short rest (1min perhaps)

Then 5 x otm leg curl 6 reps right leg

Very short rest ~ 1min then carried on with my new found love of shoulder work

5min DB Hang Clean and Press 84 reps @ 16kg

Now a beer as post workout drink.


Looks like a drunken sailor

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