Not stronger

Still a tiny bit hungover. I am always hungover :)

Warmup: an OL complex up to 60kg

A: Front Squat OTM 10kg increase 60-150Fail
I got really angry, added to 180kg, unracked it and stood for 5secs. Rested 2min, added 152,5kg and nailed it easily. Failed the 157,5kg lift in the sticking point

B: Seated Press BN 20-40-50-60-70-72,5

So darn heavy

C: Z-press 72,5kg

Also heavy, however I think I am a little stronger in this lift.

D: 21-5-9 of
Thrusters 45kg

4:57min. Haha did this well a minute faster in the Open. Thrusters unbroken though. Was not prepared for pain I guess.

Pretty good testing session. It’s now straight forward to plan the upcoming cycle.


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