No squats for old men

Lets blog shall we


A: Hang Power Clean + Clean + Jerk

90kg, 100kg, 100kg, 107.5kg, 107.5kg, 115kg, 115kg, 122.5kg, 122.5kg – stopped there

Knee really hurt here and you can notice that I take the squat clean extremely slow and controlled. (bad camera)

B: Clean + Front Squat + Jerk

115kg – aborted the clean, afraid of knee pain. Then attempted 115kg again and did Clean + FS but aborted the Jerk since I dared not to land under it.

C: Snatcn DL from 20kg plate – 7×60, 75, 90kg

D: Snatch DL off floor 7 x 105kg

E: Snatch DL 5cm off floor x 120kg, 7 x 135kg

F: Snatch DL from below the knee 7 x 150kg

Perfect looking back, fuck-off.


G: Muscle Snatch 10 x 60kg


H: Push press 5 x 60kg, 80kg, 90kg, 100kg


I: Started to get a bit tired here…

In team of 2
5 rounds
16-12-8 kcal each
12 synchronized KB STOH 32kg/20kg
10m handstand walk each
10m sled pull backwards 100kg + woman sits on top, woman pulls only 100kg

Part of the WOD :)


J: 2 x 25 “brutalbänkish” situps



Warmup, row, leg press and Wall Handstand 3x30s

A: Power Snatch + Snatch up to two sets at 95kg, felt good!

B: Snatch Doubles 90kg, 90kg, 1+1Fx95kg, 1+1Fx95kg, 1+1Fx95kg OMG!

C: Squat 10x110kg, 9x130kg – no pause in the top. Very hard and obviously I cannot count. Who does 9 reps anyway ?

D: Leg press 10x210g x 2set

E: HSPU with 4-5cm RROM: 5-5-10

F: Weighted MU transition: 2,5kg, 3-3-6-4

G: 10 rounds 8 rounds
6m frontracked lunges 75kg/50kg
2 legless rope climb 4.2m
35kg/25kg DB Snatch 6 reps
15 kcal row

After 5 rounds I felt like I really wanted to abort. Worst wod in a long time. 25mins 30 secs




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