No retreat no surrender

Woke up 05:30 this morning, hungry for coffee. Started to think about individual programming which was too much for my brain to be able to go back to sleep. Coffee. Now.

Met up with Lukas to go through how he should scale the program during his recovery.

Some gymnastic drills as warmup then onto the heavy program ;)

A: Back Squat 70kg x 8 reps

B: Panda Snatch Pull 60kg x 3 x 3set

C: Halting Snatch Deadlift 60kg x 3reps

D: SLDL 60kg x 5 reps

E: 3 rounds RPE 5
Move 5 x 25kg/15kg plates 10meter, one plate at a time
5 Plate stack facing burpee hop over touching the plate stack on top.
40meter Bear Hug Carry 25kg/15kg
10 Front racked lunges 40kg
20m Sled Pull backwards – moderate load
300m row, slow, low damper setting

F: 10 leg raises + 10 hanging leg lifts

This is what I call a vacation workout!


Tears of joy at OPT CCP last year.

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