Nice deload day

Second day in Sthlm. Nice to see so many peeps I’ve missed.

Session one
With David at CF Nordic

A: Push Jerk 70kgx3x5-6set
Focusing on positioning and mobility

B: Klokov Press 4×40-50-55kg
50 was hard and 55 was probably the hardest presses in a long time.

C: Weighted Pull-up pronated 2×16-24-32-44-46,5-49kg
Some form of rep-pr I believe!

D: tested some KB presses, 40kg nope not a chance.

E: A nice little metcon with Dave.

5 rounds
2 Rope Climbs 3,3m
5 Double KB push jerk 20kg
5m hswalk

5:38, the hswalk was troublesome :)

Session two

At CF Solid with a little herd of Gorilla wannabes.

Started out with a decent amount of planche progression, managed the advanced frog stand and a few secs of the next progression.

Followed up with one arm handstand practice. managed even more time on the left and finally locked out the right for 3-5secs.

Then a little metcon with

3 rounds of

  • 5 Strict HSPU shoulder width.
  • 5 Strict Pull-Ups various progressions, wide, ctb etc.
  • 400m run

Mr Lukas is back. He was really happy to be fastest (even though it was an untimed event).

Then a little finisher.

3 rounds

  • 10 hand over hand rope climb
  • 30 secs handstand hold

Now zleep


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