New year, time to get skinny fat

Status: Very hungover still. Lots of sleep tonight though.

Met up at the gym with Viktor, Malin MCT (Mrs ICE) and Jaime (Mr ICE). Good times.

A: Handstand hold inside my Jump Rope as a circle. 15secs was the best score.

B: Snatch 2×20-95kg with 5kg intervals. Failed the first at 100, aborted. No misses besides that but felt very uncomfortable. Got loads of reps though.

C: 12min

5 Front Squat 60kg, 70kg, 80kg…

5 Muscle Ups

I did 5x110kg FS and totaled 29 MU’s. Lord my mouth reeks of Hamburgers, beer and sweat.

D: In team of 2 with Jaime.

50 Thrusters 45kg/30kg, alternate freely
40 CTB alternate freely
50 Front Squats 45kg/30kg, alternate freely
40 CTB alternate freely
50 STOH 45kg/30kg, alternate freely
40 CTB, alternate freely

You must use the same barbell so whenever you drop the weight you need to change weights. Locks must be on.

15mins 26secs. It was pretty horrible. We really sucked at the CTB. Malin and Viktor beated us with over 4mins. Good though to get more than 60 reps (probably did 70-80?) of CTB under the belt.

Learned a ton on tactics on how to play it with a partner who’s strength is in the barbell.

E: Cooldown



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