Never trust how you feel

Woke up like a wreck today. Viktor was available at 10:30. I felt “no way in hell that I will be able to perform today plus I will be watching Viktor run around me like Bugs Bunny”. Dragged my sorry ass to the gym with legs that barely could walk.

A: Back Squat 7×160 where the fuck did that come from?
5 x 135 x 2set, 5 x 130 x 2set

B: E60s Triple Clean Ladder 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105kg
Probably would have got 110 but enough is enough

C: Strict MU 1-2-3-3 + 1-2-3-4 kipped
No motivation for this boring gymnastic shit, give me a barbell. Oh wait I suck at gymnastics…

D: 8 x 30/30 run
130m-140m then the last 170m. All sub max (even the last one). Really want to be able to run more than one week before injury this time :)

Rest 3min

E: 8 x 30/30 row
1312m, 1:31 on average

NOT far from max. Very heavy but Viktor got beaten pretty harsh when trying to keep up with a sprint Gorilla with some aerobic capacity ;)

Again a very good session. I wonder what will happen in the upcoming season if we keep on rocking every session like this? Injury or success lets find out shall we.

I like my “mysisar” from Dcore more than everything


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