Never f-cking give up

Status: Good nights sleep, sore back, and still FAT like a Walrus. Hungry for training with Erika who was very f-cking late!

A: Hang Snatch from Knee 2×40-50-60-70-75-80-85-90-95-100-105F-108F-108F-108F-80-90-97.5-102.5-108F-108F-108F-108F-108 Finally!

I was so angry for the last lift. I think it is pretty obvious haha. It is only the second time that I nail this weight so pretty happy even though it is not a PR.



B: Snatch Pull 108kf x 3 x 3set

C: Farmers Hold 20s x 234kg total, pretty easy for everything but the grip. The last three secs I felt that my right hand was about to give away, saved by the bell literally.

D: Conditioning with Erika

3 RFT of:
10 x Shuttle Run 60m, alternate
20 Deadlifts 120kg/80kg TnG not allowed, 10 each
50 Double Unders, 25 each

18:54mins, very fun WOD. Solid runs, light deadlifts, Dubs unbroken.



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