Moving into strongland

ZMA last night, it really work. Sleeping much harder.

With Malin, Angelica and Viktor. All-star team training ;)

Watched Angelica perform the Snatch Complex at 47,5kg. She is a Snatch noob but already have good technique. Malin nailed 52,5kg I think with good form.

Hswalk 3 x 8m in 1min 5s

A: HBBS up to 3×175 then 145 x 3 x 3 and 3 x 145 pause back squat as finisher. I am becoming a lot stronger in the quads. Perhaps this finally will help me in my poor WL?

B: Snatch w pause at knee + Hang Snatch at knee 40-50-60-70-75-80-90-100F. 90 was so light that I just jumped to 100. Had no illusion that I would make it today though :)

C: Wod with Viktor
200 DU
50 Ring Dips where one must be in Ring Support
100 V-Ups
30 STOH 70kg
30m front racked walking lunges


We rocked with the barbell and sucked in the ring dips :)

D: Amrap Ring Pushup good form 16

E: 40s Ring FLR

F: 6 X 5-7s x Candlestick to lever

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