Motivation is back

When I put Wilma to bed I thought

- Maybe I should do some rowing after ? BIG motivation sign for me. The infection is probably finally on the way out of my body.

A: 500m warmup + 10 x 30/30 with slightly increased power output per rep. This was of course very easy and only 10 intervals is merely a warmup but a warmup is what my body needs. A year ago I did 8 intervals all sub 1:30 pace. Long way t go!


B: Some HSPU + Handstand hold work

C: Some Supinated PU work

D: Cyclist squat. Filming every set. This is the second last set.


Versus the last set. Oh lord do my upper back need some NME drills. In the picture above I really thought about posture but in the picture below I acted on the info from the picture above really tightening those erectors. This will probably translate to 5kg in my Front Squat or Clean. Deliberate Practice folks!





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