MK Open day 2

Felt pretty off this morning, slept too little. Kids dont adjust to competition schedule :)

Better prepared food wise today.


7-5-3 of
GTOH 77,5kg
Burpee Rope Climb 3,3m

Brilliant sprint event which I executed pretty good besides one rope climb fuckup where I missed the rope on the jump and had to redo it. This cost me 2 spots since I got 3:19, Sasha 3:17 and Eric 3:16. But hey this is competition!

I was 3rd after this Event

The final

400 meter row
24 Wallballs 10kg
24 Knees to elbows
24 Box jump over
24 Goblet squats 32/24
24 Push press 50/30
24 Broad jumps 1.80/1.50
400 meter run

Like I said this would be a broad jump test for me. I got 7-8 no reps due to that I crossed the tape on the jump-off.

I was 2nd to the broad jump and 7th after.

Finished in 10:26 which is in range of my training scores so I am not too disappointed with the performance but I need to shape up my execution.

Due to the heavy scoring biasing of the final I finished 4th.

Then I did a part of the semifinal for Team.

12 Hang Clean 100kg
10 STOH 100kg no rack.
8 Squat Cleans 100kg

I was not so up for this since I was pretty finished. Did it in about 7-8mins I guess and finished with 5 TnG cleans, great way to go out ;)

This was a great training weekend and I really enjoyed being out there on the field with my friends.

Great arrangement, this event can be summed up with one word. Booya!

Training tomorrow? Absofuckinglutely!


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