MK Open day 1

After a beer and some grill I feel better again.

I fucked up my eating today which I think was fine until the last event which took place around 17:40. I lost a few percent of Power in that event.

Gainers and bananas are perfect to some extent. Better eating habits tomorrow!

Event 1:
In 4min complete a 400m obstacle course and then in the remaining time do amrap pull-ups

70 reps, a lot better than expected! Chimp mode activated.

Event 2:
In 3mins establish a Snatch + 2 OHS
Better! Had 90-92 as my good enough level.
Then 1min of 32kg Russian KBS
39 reps
Then 50s of amrap jumping air squats.
50 reps.

Score of E2: 97+39+50 = 186

Improvement to next year, keep it simple: 5min to establish a max Clean and jerk, Deadlift, Snatch, Power Clean, Bear Complex whatever but DO NOT COMBINE. This is my only real complaint about the Comp. The rest have so far been super.

Event 3:

In 7mins with a 60kg bar complete:
21 Deadlifts
21 Bar Facing Burpees
15 Squat Clean
15 TTB
9 Squat Snatch
9 MU

If you have time left amrap HR Pushups which is a tie breaker.

This was an excellent designed workout. Bravo!

It was as well horrible. I only completed 6 MU which I feel is an underdelivery from my part. Even though I think this placed me at 4th in the Event I am very disappointed with my performance. Think it was partly due to bad eating which finally closed up on me.

Overall pretty happy with today! Having fun and talking a lot to everyone :)

BIG shoutout to the MK crew! Very good organized. Standards of judging is improving. Scheduling were pretty much on time and you gave us better weather this year.


Am I improving positioning ?

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