Medium volume – LOL

Status: Recovered but a bit sore legs.

At the gym with more than half the team.

A: Squat Jerk

Hands at inner markers easier than medium wide. WTF ? How is this possible?

B: 1 Power Clean + 4 Push Jerk + 1 Thruster E60s x 6sets

80kg x 4 sets, then 90kg in 2 sets.

Used a pulse watch. Had 171 in pulse at set 6. This sure is pulse training when using a moderate weight.



C:  Front Squat 3 x 90-100-110, 2×120-130-1×140

D: Back Squat 5×110, 130, 140, 2×150, 5 x 130

E: Front racked lunges 70kg x 4/4 x 2set BORING moved to F instead

F: 5min AMRAP 4meter Front racked walking lunges 70kg – Did this with Viktor and the bar could never touch the ground. We did 17 rounds.

I will have such glute DOMS tomorrow

G: Press BN 45kg x 10 x 3set, barely made it :(

H: BB Side bends 20kg x 15/15

I: BB standing rotation 20kg x 10/10

J: Bent leg Backextensions 20 reps

K: Back extensions weighted 40kg x 5 x 2set, 20kg x 10 reps


Probably some X-Country tonight :)


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