Bye bye Clas Ohlson

Weighing 89,5kg pre-lunch!

Session one @ Clas Ohlson

A: 2-pos Snatch + 3s pause OHS

80kg, had no go and the barbell at CO is really bad for Snatching. I don’t think the markers are at the OL place at all which makes everything weird.

B: Push press 5×80-95kg(tng) and 3x105kg TnG

My PP’s are so beautiful…

C: Weighted Strict PU supinated grip 5x19kg, 4x35kg


Session two

Only an hour available for training before closing. Emma has started to play games with me before bedtime. Every fucking stage of bedding her takes 10mins. Easily aggregates to +1hour.

Showing some of the shoulder stretches I do

A: Skill: Bar Pull-over, easy!


  • 5 Korean Dips fail, did 5 Bulgarian PB Dips instead
  • 5 Tucked Front lever rows fail, tried band assisted. Fail.
  • 5 Strict Ring Dips
  • 5 Elevated Ring Rows
  • 11 Strict Ring Dips
  • 8 More elevated Ring Rows

VERY good. I found a severe goat. Strict horizontal pulling is a weakness.

C: 3 rounds

  • 5 Ring Straight Arm Press Outs – not so much out
  • 5 V-Outs – Like this one

D: In 4min Run 400m and do some pull-ups: Did 30 pull-ups and stopped I do not want a tear now.

E: 10min Wind mill 16kg x 5 reps per hand in 10mins 10-11 rounds per arm. Very good for scap-stab and flexibility.





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