Maybe I can be of some use to Alexander

After it was decided that me and Alexander Elebro would do Torso Twisted together I got a feeling that this kid will force me to work my pants off.

His recent progress confirms this. I need to step up my game a bit so he don’t have to wait for me all day :)

A: Power Snatch tng 4×77.5kg, 3x85kg dropped the 4th forward WTF, feeling powerless. Been like this for a few sessions now, moving on

B: Snatch DL 110kg x 5 x 3set
Switching method here, no more RMs for this old dude, more reps and sets, less intensity is what works for me. Will do the same in Power Snatch / Cleans / Squats

C: Weighted Backextension 10s hold

Session 2

Time for some conditioning, inspired by the pete plan.

D: Row

I managed all rounds in below 2k pace ~1:39.6 and even faster the last 90 & 45s.

The 3min was pretty lactic for sure. I cannot believe I put my team through a cycle of 5×3/3, just horrible stuff :)

Anyway it is comforting that my aerobic power seem to be a bit on the rise!


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