Took the decision to stop cheez doodling my deadlifts yesterday and instead reducing the weights, step up on a reiser and assert that good form is of highest prio.

Warmup: Reverse Med Ball Tosd x 8 and sprint to fetch the ball.

Jump rope + Double Unders

Warmed up Achilles with one leg calf raises x 10 per leg

A: Seated Box Jump:
Followed up with stationary BJ 123cm PR

B: Clean Deadlift off reiser
A little too easy but the form is not 100%. I tend to start the movement with my butt.

C: Strict HSPU progression
5-5-10, allowing myself a 2cm elevator next week.


6 rounds of:
5x70kg Hang Power Clean
Short Shuttle
45s rest

15-17s every round. Sucks doing these on grass with running shoes.


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