Mancold coming up!

Been working a lot with BoxPeak lately which have been one of the reasons of too little sleep. Launched a beta of it yesterday with great success.

A: 5 x E90s 2 Power Snatch + 3 Hang Power Snatch 65kg

B: 5 x E90s 10 HBBS 100kg
Took some guts to complete. Every set took about 30s. OTM would be absolutely horrible.

Had no will power to do the heavier prescribed work so I lowered the intensity, decreased rest and increased reps. More total weight moved so I guess this was not that bad after all. 5 tons in 6,5mins.

At this point I was so cold that my nose almost froze. The only thing I could really think about was how cold my sweater, forehead and nose were.

Not a good sign so I skipped the intense metcon and did something lighter instead.

C: 20min low rpe
250m row
5 wall walk
8/8 KB Snatch 24kg

5 rounds sharp.

D: 5 x e90s 8 strict supinated pu
Barely made it

E: 5 x otm 10 x press 40kg

Dat delt pump! Only made 8 reps the last round, racked it, repped 2 more which was hard :)

This was basically 15s/45s work/rest

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