Managing the life puzzle

+9h sleep yesterday, 8,5h sleep tonight. I think I am starting to establish a routine which will work.

A: HBBS up to 170kg. Very very heavy today. 160 was so light though otherwise I would not have attempted 170kg.

B: Push press 110-115-120kg

Not so bad form for a near max lift!

C: E60s Snatch 75kg x 3 x 6 sets

Worked with Flank so we used his % for the work. I should have progressed to 80kg but hey this was pulsy :)

D: Snatch Pull w 3s pause at knee 75kg x 3 x 3set

E: Death by strict mu 1-2-3-4-5-3

F: Moved on to a workout with Ulrika. She has injured something in her shoulder so I changed the prescribed workout to:

2k row + 100 Situp to Box Jump 60cm/50cm

14min 20secs

I rowed 1100m at 1:40 pace and this was pretty much an all-out effort for me. Goddamn my cardio has really gone down the drain. Good workout though and good to workout with Ulrika who have a good level of HTFU.

Perhaps some more this evening.




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