Light week continued

Very light day. Kept volume pretty low ;)

Snatch 3s pause in bottom 40kg 3x2set
OHS 70x5x2set (will reduce to 3)
Squat Clean 80kg every 30s for 8 sets
Pause BS 80kgx4x2set

Knee pain which made me squat more with the left leg. Kept weights low to reduce that behaviour.

Changed to my Robocop knee brace. Knee instantly felt better, I even tried to lean more on that leg.

Pause FS 80kgx3x2set (Felt much lighter than pause BS).
1. Weighted pushup 28kg sandbag x 8x2set
2. Pendlay Row 80kgx8x2set

Finisher: Seated Press behind neck 50kgx10 reps

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