Lets get at it again


What you need to do my drills.

6 x E90s Clean 70kg x 3

Changing technique a bit. Wider grip and wider stance to get it higher in the hip.



3 x E2M Concentric Push Jerk 70kg x 10

Felt like a very good drill.



2 x E2M Concentric Push Press 70kg x 10

Lighter than jerks ;)



3 x E90s Clean pull 110kg x 5

I need to pull a little.


20min RPE 3
Jog 400m, slow
10m handstand walk
10m horse walk
5 attempts to straddle press to handstand from headstand
10 x Straddle Forward Roll
30s Pancake split

3 rounds



12min RPE 3
Jog 400m, slow
10 strict v up
5 Ring straight arm press out
10 x V Out
5 x 5s Rings Support lower to bottom of Ring Dip Hold

3 rounds

Supposed to 20min but it was boring so I only did 12min.


I was on my way home here but assembled some energy for a finisher. Very good idea.
5 x RPE 5
1min Sled Chest Press 2 strokes horizontal + 2 strokesinclined
1min Sled Pull backward
1min Sled Row
1min Sled Drag forward

Work for 50s, use 10s every interval for transition.

About 60m per min x 20 = 1,2km sledding, fuck yeah.

Pulse btw 145-160, shoulders smoked the last 10m every pressing interval. This is good shit.

50min pure aerobic work. Nice.


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