Lazy bastard

8th day of training. Today however was a sorry excuse.

A: 2 OHS + 4 Snatch Push Press 40,50,60,70,75,50,50

B: One arm db press up to 1×16,20,25,30,35 fail on left

C: Two arm db press every 90s 30kgx3x4set, 35kgx3 reps

D: one arm db press every 90s 30kgx3x2set, 32kgx3 reps

So extremely weak in db/kb press

One hour of contemplation whether to do metcon or not…

Did a little gymnastic work in between, some wall balls, some DUs, squat cleans etc.

Finally did something

E: 3 rounds not for time
5 strict mu
10m prowler 90kg
10m prowler lower handles 90kg



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