Lactic shuttle

Snippets from last night.

“Stop snoring!”. I stopped (or so I thought). A few mins later… “Ok I am going to Emmas room now you have snored like an elephant for 1,5 hours now”

One hour later… Emma: “Dad I cant sleep you are snoring!”


When I woke up I could hardly breath. A cold, damn. But no sore throat at least!

Took double doses of “Nezeril” 5 times during the day, a dozen cups of coffee, Vitamin C, the other half of a bottle of Kan Jang, Celsius…

The fantastic MK Crew came to watch and judge me redoing 13.3

In the middle of the Burpee BJO I felt that this was going to be tougher than the last time. Finished in 3:20, 7-8 secs slower but with 10% more effort.

I picked up a tip from Lukas though to pace the first set of Thrusters to get the pulse to stabilize. I took it pretty slow and finished at 41 reps. Lactic in them quads. 10mins on the bike and now I am fresh again.

Lets hope I dont get a backlash for over-priming my body.

Thanks again Malin x 2, Jaime, Jax, Magnus ❤️


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