Lactic endurance insufficient rest

Long sleep but not so good.

A: 2 clean + 1 jerk 5kg increments
70-110, 115 fail!

No leg juice, can it be due to 3 x Rep-PRs in the squat this week?

B: Press 2×75, aimed for 5×75 but failed rep 3. Oh lord :)
60kg x 5 x 3set after

C: Team WOD with Erika

4 rounds each for time

300m row
15 Thrusters 20kg
10 PU

Did all rows in about 1:33

The leg acid the last round was no joke!

However I managed to keep the pace throughout so I wonder if it really was that insufficient rest? Lactic with a large portion aerobic.


It was great working out with Erika!

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