Status: My back is still weak but got no pain.

Session 1

At Solids new HQ “Kolkällaren” with Lanner

They have made a fantastic job with this place. Bravo!

A: Snatch 2 x 85kg x 9sets EMOM
Missed 1 lift, compensated for it.

I find the Snatches pretty heavy at the moment. I think it is due to that they are placed 2 days after deadlifting so the pchain is a bit off. Perhaps I should do some “active recovery” on the Sundays as well to aid never letting the CNS go to sleep. Perhaps some light Snatch High Pulls or such.

B: 3 power snatches + 3 ohs 60kg emom x 3 set

C: 1 pc + 2 stoh x 3 reps 70kg x 6 sets EMOM

D: A few strict MU

Session 2

Head to head with Lanner and John

20min total

6min 40s / 20s
3 Thrusters 60kg
4 CTB Pull-ups
AMRAP time left Burpees

1min rest (1:20)

6min 40s / 20s
4 Thrusters 45kg
AMRAP time left Burpees

1min rest (1:20)

6min 40s / 20s
5 Thrusters 30kg
6 Pull-ups
AMRAP time left Burpees

Your score is the number of Burpees

36 + 30 + 35 = 101 Burpees. So compared to last week I did almost 50 more Burpees. Pretty pleased with that.

As well averaged at 91-92% of HR and was pretty close to redline so I think this kind of method is a good way of making me endure the harder kind of workouts.


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