Kip everything

With Lukas and Viktor, dreamteam ?

A: Push Jerk BN 4 x 40,50,60,70,80,90,100,105kg,95kg,90kg

I suck! Lukas 4 x 120kg!

B: Jerk Grip OHS – play 40-50kg

C1: Press 3×40,50,60,1×65,6x70kg,5×65,60kg

Ah 6x70kg, getting back in the press game, fuck light weight reps for form only. A little tendency to lean back but at least 4 reps were very good. The back-offs at 65kg and 60kg I maintained good form.

C2: 4 Wide Pronated Pull-ups 18kg + 6 BF CTB x 5set

Very heavy to do wide PU. Perfect combo with BF though, felt like a primer.

D1: 4 EROM HSPU + 6 Kipped HSPU

Very satisified. “PR” even though my shoulders were very fried. Lukas is a freak. Viktor is improving a lot. HSPU is one of his goats. Soon no more under my supervision.

D2: Wide grip Bench supported row 5 x 40,70,85,90,85,80

E: 10 x 30/30 (23 rounds was the target) running then my calf  got either a severe cramp or a tear :( Cannot walk as of now… I did no warmup prior to running…

Watched Lukas and Viktor battle it out. Lukas ran 206ish meter in his last 30secs and Viktor 195m. OMG, these gents are getting good. Fast.


Finished with a nice 5 repper kipping row @ 90kg ;)

Session two a.k.a take care of myself

Shoulder mob deluxe => tap out session with a rubber band

Planche progressions. With bands, without bands, on floor, on parallettes etc

One arm handstand progression, yup still hard…

“Scap Complex”

  • 10 Scap Row
  • 10 Scap Pushup
  • 10 Scap Pull-Up
  • 10 Scap Dips
  • 10 Scap HSPU

Finally 10min left/right split training. Almost there now.


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