Kip everything

I am pretty much a wreck after the weekend, mostly I think due to bad sleep. Only five hours tonight. I woke up 05:30 but laid in the bed until my beautiful girls woke up and I could get a cuddly moment with them. I have missed them so much the last week.

My mind have been occupied with finding a model for working the upper body without harming it so much. Sleds are perfect for volume work for the lower body and rowing is super for the entire pchain. Perhaps I can use those for creating upper body exercises with high aerobic power ?

So I attached some Rings into the rower handle and tested… Looks fun(ny) eh ?


Got so excited of the effect that I went to the gym and continued my exploration. Sorry bout the quality of the sled part. Maximize screen.



My findings are that I build up lactic pretty fast in the rower ~45-60secs but with the sled I get more pulse going. The sled was way harder for the entire system but I will continue to explore both. Very cool indeed. I feel I am onto something here.


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