Killing demons

Not happy at work, needed to slay some mental demons.

A1: Sprint 100m: 14,6 13,5 13,5 13,2 13,4 (rest 30s)
A2: Hsw: 5, 11, 21m PR (rest 30s)
A3: Strict narrow Hspu: 3-3-3 just greasing the groove (rest 2-4min)

Sprint was tough, needed to increase rest.

Rest 10min

B: 400m row + 20 burpees 2:37, rest 3min
C: 400m run + 20 Broad jumps 180cm 2:47, rest 3min
D: 400m row + 100 DU 2:55

Very tough, especially burpees. Not used to them. Went too hard on the rower (1:30)

Rest 5min

E: 3×15 strict k2e, rest as needed

Grip killer

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