Jerk with wide grip sucks


Pretty much sums up how I feel about wide grip Jerk

Status: 9 hours of sleep!. PR!

Bodyweight of 90.2kg today. Soon very soon I will be a chimp. It was a long time ago since I was below 90kg.

A: E60s Jerk 90kg x 3 x 5sets

Down calculated my max to 130kg (from 145) since I missed 135 last Saturday. Walking the talk. Used 70% of that since I was so destroyed yesterday.

This was pretty easy but I complained a lot about my left lat area which is troublesome in the lockout. I did all reps with the little finger on the markers. I felt insecure in the lockouts even though it felt very light.

B: E60s Push Jerk 70kg x 5 x 6sets

Used Wide grip in 4 sets and narrow grip in 2. I am so much better with narrow grip. With the wide grip I feel weak and get a slow lockout but with the narrow grip I feel strong and relaxed plus the rack position is comfortable.

C: Press BN 10x50kg, 10 x 45kg, 9x45kg

D: 20min of ABAP

We did an obstacle course where we changed movements every round.

E: Some core exercises (Strict TTB, Back extensions)





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